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The Green Sea Turtle that is popularly known for its hard-shelled body is one of the largest sea turtle in the world. It belongs to the Cheloniidae family and its domain is Chelonia mydas.

Green Sea Turtles are often found in the subtropical and tropical seas. They live in warm shallow water as they are cold-blooded animals and can not produce heat within the body themselves. They’re called by the name Green Sea Turtle because of the fat within their own body under the carapace. They are reptiles, ancestors of whose utilized to evolve in the land once and went back to the water for living. Green Sea Turtles also observed the evolvement of the dinosaurs.

This gorgeous creature can weigh up to 200 kilograms and grow 4-5 feet long. They have a beautiful flat carapace which can be of various colours. Green Sea Turtles need oxygen to maintain their physical activities functioning. They generally live under the water the majority of the time of the lifespan but they come on the sea surface to breathe-in oxygen. Their lungs are developed to provide them with the necessary supports that are required to dive underwater for a long time. They have two large flippers that enables them to swim in the rate of 35 mph.

They have the same enzyme as cattle to digest herbs. But adult green sea turtles have seldom been observed in the wild to know their food habit.

They pass most of their lifespan under the sea but female turtles need to return to the land to lay eggs. Upon maturity, turtles need to do great migration to lay eggs. Usually male turtles don’t accompany the female turtles while laying eggs. They mate the female turtles offshore. Male turtles try to mate every year but female turtles generally mate every two or three decades. It takes approximately 60 days to incubate eggs. The newborn turtles can come out of the eggs themselves and head towards the sea visiting the reflection of moon on the sea water.

This powerful animal generally gets sexually mature at age 25 and can live up to 80 years in the wild.

This species has been endangered by numerous natural and human generated reasons. Erosion of sea-beaches and reclamation of sea lands hurt their nesting places. Unplanned tree plantation in the sea shore causes the disruption in the proportion of the female and male turtles as the sex of turtles are determined by the incubator temperature that may be varied with the shade of the trees. Artificial light sources near the sea beach also hamper the proper hatching procedure. Pollution of water causes some acute diseases into the turtles. It creates tumor which leads to a disease called fibropapillomatosis. In any case, because of being caught by people and eaten by predators like shark, crab, sea fish, birds, they’re getting extinct day by day.

Green Sea Turtles

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