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Bear in mind the’Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray? Well, that’s when the fish became extremely popular and the world became aware that these creatures can be particularly dangerous when confronted with. For people who have never known about stingrays, or perhaps might have guessed that it’s not a fish, shouldn’t underestimate them under any circumstances.

Although, it may not seem like a fish, stingrays are horizontal bodied, wide chest fishes that are related to sharks. Surprisingly, for example sharks, stingrays still do not have any bones in them; instead their bodies are supported by cartilage, the same element that’s found in the human body.

Stingrays may look near Angel fishes that most of us have loved in our aquariums, but they aren’t anyway connected as they have special features of their own. The flat sides that you may also observe on stingrays are in fact wide broad fins that run through the side of the bodies giving them the flat round shape.

Hence, to proceed the fish moves their whole body in a way which helps them to proceed . While other fishes need to flap their fins to help them propel through water, stingrays will need to move their whole body to move forward.

Stingrays have to use that are very poisonous and its dead arm away or defense. These statements are extremely sharp by some of them have a spying and advantages which are notched or jagged. Most exotic looking stingrays especially the blue spotted ones have venom in their tails and when they sting their predators, the poison is released and us becomes extremely deadly.

Stingrays usually prefer to remain in shallow water or the water near the coast and is usually prefers warm water. They usually spend most of their time lying on by being partially themselves on the sea floor so they can hide from their predictors or await their food to pass by. Their predators are often sharks and other such dangerous fishes, but they generally manage to camouflage themselves because their color looks like the mud they conceal in.

The stingray was designed in a very peculiar manner since its mouth, gills, nostrils are under its body while its eyes are on top. However, researchers have observed that stingrays don’t use their eyes much to hunt for food but they use special sensors Lorenzini, which can help them detect the electrical charges emitted by its prey.

Food for stingrays:

Stingrays have powerful jaws with which they may crush their meal into a fine paste.

Stingrays usually give birth once in your and typically produced 2-6 young ones at a single time. A peculiar thing about stingray’s reproduction system is that while the feminine stingray still gets the baby within her, the younger one develops to such an extent that when it comes out it looks to be an adult stingray. Hence, they have the ability to survive by themselves and feed themselves.

Yet another surprising reality is that stingrays can live for more than 25 years and can grow to 6.5 ft and weigh 800 pounds.

It’s not easy to find a stingray, or even see a glimpse, because they generally shy away from the crowd and generally camouflage themselves with the colour of the mud. However, one way which you can clearly see a stingray and revel in its beautiful structure is to visit sea life as they attract such monsters in the vicinity of people, and fill you up with all of the exciting facts about it.

Getting up close and personal with a Stingray

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