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Feeding beef cattle with the right food and maintaining with the perfect nutritional balance is important in developing healthy cows. What to feed beef cattle depends upon the breed of the cow, the purpose of increasing the cow, and the main use of the bunny. There is a suitable feeding regimen for each type of breed. It’s vital to know which sort of feed to give to what sort of cattle. This report presents a guide on the feeding requirements of cows. Listed below are four ways on what to feed beef cattle.

  1. Traditional Food

There are still a large percentage of farmers that uses grass as the primary source of their beef cattle. The grass used is pretty much the same grass type growing on untended areas, forests, and grazing areas.

Another traditional food which can be given to beef cows is hay. Alfalfa hay is their favorite of many breeds and is believed to produce decent quality meat if given as food.

The problem with this sort of food is they don’t suffice for the protein need of their beef cattle. Protein is necessary to develop more meat on the cows, as that is actually what’s marketed after all. Relying on traditional meals alone does not guarantee good quality beef.

  1. Grains

Grains are another type of food included on the list of things to feed beef cattle. The typical grains given are wheat, soybeans, corn, barley, and sugar beets. These grains can give the proper protein needs of the animals, in addition to additional energy which can’t be provided by grass alone.

  1. Alternative Food (wildlife control near me Compounds )

The health and growth of beef cattle cannot be determined by grass and grains . The system of cattle farming today is quite competitive. To make certain that cows produce premium quality beef, alternative food sources are given in the form of processed by-product plants – derived from plants and other agricultural products and are supplement with added nourishment. These processed foods contain fibres, and high quality protein. It also has carbohydrates, which can provide for the daily energy requirements of the animals.

  1. Minerals

Another essential item included on the list of what to feed beef cattle is the minerals. Minerals are vital for the growth of the animal’s body, bone growth, reproduction and other body functions. Essentially, there are two kinds of minerals needed by the body, the macro-minerals and micro-minerals. Macro-minerals are those that are needed in substantial amount like sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Farmers usually give minerals in the kind of supplements added to water and feeds. This is to make certain that the animals take the number of minerals that is necessary.

Producing high-quality meat is on top of the list of every beef cattle farmer. To do this, proper nutrient balance must be given the animals. Included among the list of things to feed beef cattle are grass and grains. But these two alone will not provide the nutritional requirements of a developing cow. By-product plants and minerals are usually added to assure a cow’s good growth and healthy body.


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